A Supplier recently said the following in an ad to us: "Advertising messages need to be nurtured like delicate plants in order to blossom and be noticed". We have said the same thing so many times in different ways, but we thought this particularly profound and wanted to share it with you as it speaks directly to what we do for you.

What are the many things that we do for you with our products and services, you say?

Here is part of what we do: We create VISIBILITY for Your Products, Your Services, Your Company when you can't be there. We provide SILENT SALESMEN to promote your message, to "Enhance Your Image and Grow Your Profits".

We don't just sell a product. We work with you to find the right ideas, suggest distribution, develop themes and messages and shape the promotion to your needs. We do it through the sophisticated use of Specialty Advertising ideas, Incentives, Business Gifts, Awards, Wearables, Calendars, Writing Instruments, Direct Mail, Trade Show Services and Displays plus much, much more to meet your advertising and marketing needs. That's why, with Bakers Marketing Group, you have a "One Call - One Stop - One Source" service to help you grow and profit.


See our divisions and read about how our business philosophy will "Enhance Your Image . . . Grow Your Profits".   We've been doing it Since 1965!